"It is matter of great joy for me to see that the school is keeping pace with the expectations of the community".

Education is for total development of a child. Learning takes place in all walks of life, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. What and how much learning has taken place needs a system of evaluation to determine which can be sometimes subjective, or objective; qualitative or quantitative.We are working towards a shared vision in which we develop new ways of working together at global and national level.“When people come together as a team, share a dream and focus on enriching their goal- a lot is accomplished.” This journey has involved a vast canvas of highly innovative and motivated individuals - the parents, teachers and students.

At TISA, we are able to educate our loving children that competition is always with one’s own self. Students need to be given ample positive energy so as to indulge in self analysis on a daily basis and rectify themselves wherever they fall short in their own eyes. CBSE Curriculum has taken a step towards skill based education and this is the way forward to prepare our children to face the unknown reality of the future.

Each of us has a unique personality and must be respected as such. The Almighty God has bestowed wings to all the birds but the art of embarking upon the flight and the distance to be covered lies in their own hands. Physical abilities are the wings imparted by Him to us and the height of our castle will surely be as dreamt by us. The International School, Agra has dedicated itself to translating the motto “SEEDS OF SUCCESS” into action. It is committed to provide students the opportunity to experience learning with a broad perspective and then achieve it with compassion and smart work.