How Modern Education is Shaping the Way We Learn

The Future of Education: How Modern Education is Shaping the Way We Learn

Today's education system is completely different from the ancient Indian education system because the times are different now and with change in time, there is a change in the needs of society. Given globalization and other significant worldwide developments, it makes sense that the kind of education required would help in adapting to such changes. This is where Modern Education comes in. Here is what you need to know in order to navigate the landscape that is the modern education system.

What is Modern Education?

Everybody has different ideas about what modern education is. So, it is time to clarify that modern education is all of the things that you can think of and more! Smart Classes, Creativity Labs, Digital Learning, etc. These things are just a small part of the huge world that is modern education. Modern is the word you use for something contemporary. Everything that conforms to the principles, practices and trends of the present can be included in the umbrella term ‘Modern’.

 So, the syllabus, the infrastructure of schools and colleges, the teaching approach, and everything else related to education that is according to the current times will be a part of ‘Modern Education’. Technology integration is considered an important step towards making education modern. Digitalisation is taking the world by storm and the education system is eagerly adopting it to alter the way students learn. Education has also become more student-centric, where the learning needs of the student are the top priority.

Need for Modern Education

The time for standard classrooms, with chalkboards and simple teacher-student interactions, has long since passed. The modern theory of education has changed the entire system, adapting teaching and learning methods to the needs of society in the present. The students need an education system that gives them a wholesome learning environment where they can become thoroughly prepared to succeed in the real world. A holistic approach to teaching can make all the difference in the world. It can provide students with numerous ways to thrive.

 With the world changing, different career opportunities have arisen. This is one of the reasons the education system has been modified and modernised. The students need to be prepared for the effects of globalisation on their future, be culturally aware, have both hard and soft skills relevant to today’s world, and more. Creating an environment for the growth and development of each student is the purpose of modern education. It is a chance for them to catch up with the advancements in society before starting their journey out in the real world.

Advantages of Modern Education

Modern education is the change that the education system needs to help students achieve great heights. When students get an education that permits them to discover their personalities and skills and grow them further, they are most likely to succeed in life. A teaching approach appropriate for the current times is focused on helping students understand different concepts at their own pace. This way, the students don’t miss out on anything and their performance improves. Modern education technology like smart classes makes studying fun and visual aids help the students memorise everything faster.

 Their analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills are improved. Students learn how to deal with real-world problems in a safe environment. Because of the promotion of various group activities, more and more students can participate and learn how to work in teams. They get a chance to experiment and learn a concept from practical experience, they also get to go beyond the boundaries of a standard subject and explore different topics that give them a better understanding of it. All of these and more are benefits of modern education.

Challenges Posed By Modern Education

With modern education come its challenges. Since technology is a big part of the process of modernisation of the education system, we have to consider its overall impact on the students. It is a medium that brings people together no matter where they are so it is used to provide education to students through online classes. However,  this same medium can become a cause for division and highlight the disparities among the students. Not everybody has access to the same level of technology or any technology at all because their financial conditions differ.

 Such a financial disparity deprives the person lacking such technology of the quality education of modern times, while those with access to this technology are able to get such education. Another one of the challenges of modern education is the constant stress and pressure on the students. Their mental health suffers because they always feel pressured to succeed. Standardized testing also presents tough competition that can be hard to deal with. When a student is always feeling like it’s never enough no matter how much they study, they begin questioning their self-worth and it can be extremely unhealthy.

How to Overcome Those Challenges?

Many challenges arise when the system of modern education is adopted. However, it is not very hard to overcome them if one is determined enough. A commitment towards the well-being and growth of every student is all that is needed to support the efforts to come up with solutions to the problems that come with modern education. The issue of technology causing division can be solved if the schools provide students with access to it, along with the internet and a few lessons on its proper usage.


The negative impact of modern education on the mental and physical well-being of the students is another challenge that can be overcome with efforts from the schools. If they provide an outlet for students to release their stress, allow them to unleash their creativity, invite them to participate in extracurricular activities, and more, it can make a big difference. Also, providing an on-campus mental health counsellor can give the students the opportunity to seek help.

TISA’s Role

The International School Agra has been one of the flag-bearers in the movement of modern education. It not only provides state-of-the-art facilities to its students but also aims towards a holistic educational approach. With smart classes, a computer lab and Wi-Fi access, TISA has successfully integrated technology into its teaching methods. It has also overcome the challenge of disparity by providing every student equal access to it. The school also has a creativity lab where students can find all that they need to let their creative juices flow.

 An auditorium and amphitheatre serve as excellent places to host extracurricular events in some of which, the parents also get to participate. The sports facilities also help the students to stay active and become not only physically fit but mentally as well. TISA has a student-centric approach which has helped it overcome any challenges that modern education poses.

The Bottom Line

These are a few things that can help you understand the concept of modern education. This will also allow you to answer questions like why is it needed, what challenges it poses or can pose in the future, how those challenges can be overcome, and more. TISA’s role also becomes clear when you know more about modern education itself

October 18, 2023