Is it okay to ask the same question twice, if you don't understand something in class?

Is it okay to ask the same question twice, if you don't understand something in class?

This is something that most students wonder about at some point in their lives. And the answer is yes. It is completely okay to ask the same question twice. You can ask the question as many times as you like until you have cleared your doubts.

Your school is the place where you go to learn and if you keep hesitating when asking questions, how will you learn? Here are a few more reasons to help you understand why it is okay to ask the same question twice if you don't understand something in class.


Clarifies Your Doubts

Having doubts about the concepts you learn in class is a good thing but not clearing those doubts can negatively impact your performance in class. When a teacher is explaining a concept, everybody doesn't need to understand it in one go.

Many might have questions that they would wish to ask. If their doubts are not clear upon asking the question once, they should ask it again. If they hesitate, they might end up not asking at all. This causes them to miss out on learning important concepts properly and may lead to increased confusion when they study them on their own.

Shows That You Pay Attention

Asking the same question multiple times does not make a student look less smart than the others it gives the impression that you are paying attention in class. It is better to ask a question again and again than to ask nothing at all.

Staying silent may make the teacher think either the student understands everything or nothing at all. The assumption of the latter is more likely when a particularly difficult concept is being explained.

If the teacher thinks the student is silent because they don't understand anything, it may create a negative impression of said student in the teacher’s mind.

Helps Other Students

This is the era of modern education and the ideology which is promoted today is that the students should help their peers and collaborate to enhance the learning experience.

By asking the same questions multiple times in class, one student can help clear the doubts of others who don't dare to speak up. If a student clears their doubts, they also become better equipped to help their classmates.

Builds Your Confidence

A confident person is sure to succeed in life because they boldly handle every situation and tend to “seize the day”. It is best if such confidence develops from an early age.

Schools help in the social development of students and allow their personalities to grow holistically. Confidence building happens each time students ask questions in class, especially when they don't quit before their doubts are cleared.

When a student doesn't hesitate to ask the same question again, they become more confident about themselves. It benefits them in the long run.

Allows You to Learn More

One of the academic methodologies at TISA is encouraging the students to actively engage in class and ask questions. This allows them to learn more and better. Without asking questions, students may be left with confusion regarding the concepts taught in class.

They might miss the opportunity to learn if they don't speak up, so it is better to even ask the same question twice than to remain uninformed.

Gets You Appreciation From Teachers

Teachers appreciate students who actively engage in class even if they ask the same questions multiple times. The teacher must explain concepts to their students until they fully understand them.

So, no matter how many times a student asks a question, they must answer. They also have a positive image in their mind of those students who ask questions because it shows their hunger to learn.


Helps Teachers Understand Your Learning Pace

Everyone has a different learning pace and the teacher cannot keep track of the speed with which each student understands the concepts being taught. So, asking questions in class helps them understand the learning pace of the student who speaks up.

If they ask the same question twice, the teachers can adjust their teaching style accordingly. If a teacher teaches according to the speed with which a student learns, they can gain more information and in a much better way.


Prevents You From Making Assumptions

Not asking questions in class might mean not understanding a concept properly. This may lead to making assumptions about certain things and ultimately result in gaps in knowledge or misunderstanding.

A student who does not understand a concept in class might assume wrongly about it during self-study. This can negatively impact their performance in the exams. Without clearing their doubts, students can find themselves at a disadvantage in applying the concepts during exams. So, students must ask questions if they have doubts, even if it means repeating a question more than once.

Encourages Participation From Other Students

When one student asks a question more than once, it prompts others to be more confident and speak up. The courage of one student encourages others as well and this way people become more actively engaged in class. Participation in class helps students to gain more knowledge and better understand the concepts being taught in class.

Participating in class also aids in the social development of the students and makes them more confident. They learn to speak up, which is a very valuable skill to have for a successful future.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the reasons why it is okay to ask the same question twice if you don't understand something in class.

Even if the student studies in the best school in Agra , not asking questions in class will result in a negative effect on their academic performance.

There is no harm in asking the same question multiple times if it means that you will be able to understand the concept better. A student goes to school to learn and if they hesitate to approach their teachers just because they asked a question once before, they will not be able to learn.

This hesitation will hamper their studies, so it's better not to hesitate and be confident in class

May 13, 2024