TISA's Innovative Approach to Technology in Education

Empowering Minds: TISA's Innovative Approach to Technology in Education

The modern education system requires schools to be innovative when it comes to education and use technology to bring the best out of their students.

These two things make a perfect combination and significantly impact the performance of the students. The learning process becomes better and the students get a much more improved educational experience.

Here are the ways TISA strives to be the best school in Agra with its innovative approach to technology in education.

Smart Classes

Bunch of Student in Smart Classroom

TISA has been very attentive towards the needs of its students. With the revolutionary changes in the education system to make it modern, smart classes have become a necessity.

In today’s times, technology plays a big role in almost every field, so the field of education is no different. Using technology to create a learning environment such as a smart class is one of the primary ways an innovative approach can be shown in this field.

Smart classes help a student learn even the most complex concepts easily and quickly. The visuals and audio aid in comprehension and also allow the students to test themselves on what they have learned with fun activities.

Smart classes make boring lectures lively and encourage a more interactive environment. This helps each and every student become more actively involved in the learning process.

Students are able to concentrate in a better manner and their academic performance improves significantly.

Computer Lab

People Learning in the Computer Lab

Computer Science is an important subject of the curriculum and cannot be taught without actual computers. To ensure that its students get the best education possible, TISA has built a lab equipped with the latest models of computers.

The lab contains all the technology to make the learning process for the students as easy as it can be. The computer lab is not just a place for students to learn about computers. Its use is not limited to a single subject like computer science, it is, in fact, quite diverse.

The students can learn about other subjects through the computers in the lab. Teachers can help them understand how they can use those computers in such a way.

Students can also research various topics related to the subjects in their syllabus. The computer lab is an extremely important resource when it comes to the integration of technology in education.

It is almost equally useful in giving knowledge to the students as a library because of the latest technology available in it.

Wifi Enabled Campus

Wifi Enabled Campus for Student

In today’s world, almost every place has Wi-Fi so that people can stay connected to each other and to the rest of the world through the Internet.

A school is one of the most top places where Wi-Fi is necessary. Nowadays most of the learning takes place online so Wi-Fi access makes the learning process smooth.

Having Wi-Fi throughout the campus ensures that students can use it for various educational purposes in different areas of the school.

There are many places in a school that require a Wi-Fi connection to function like smart classes, the computer lab, the library, and more.

This is why the International School Agra has installed a Wifi connection that extends to the entirety of the campus. It is a way to make sure that all the technology requiring a Wi-Fi connection keeps functioning smoothly.

This also includes the School Cinema. So, a Wi-Fi-enabled campus is also, in a way, an innovative approach to technology in education.


Big Auditorium with lot of space

An auditorium is where most cultural and other related activities are held, so it has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology. School activities, whether academic or cultural, are a key element of the modern education system.

Technology plays a big role in making sure that such activities are carried out smoothly. So the sound as well as video systems are installed to give the best experience possible during any event.

Interactive tools are also used to make educational activities better and more interesting.

Technology may have side effects, but it holds great advantages too. It can improve performance, make any activity lively and enhance the overall experience that everybody has in an auditorium.

With the use of technology technology in the auditorium, TISA ensures that its students have an educational experience which is also fun.

If education is imparted in a boring manner, students don’t actually learn anything. So, innovation is needed in this field in order to make the learning process better.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the different ways that the International School Agra uses technology in an innovative way in the field of education.

Innovation is the key to a better performance of the students. Education does not come from a single source or in only one way. There is no limit to the variety of ways education can be imparted to the students.

TISA knows this and this is the reason it uses various methods to teach its students.


Integration of technology is the best way a school can get innovative in the world of education. So, the school uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to make sure the students get the best possible education

November 30, 2023